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NasoNeb Powered Nasal Nebulizer  The NasoNeb Nasal Nebulizer


The NasoNeb System is the subject of 5 university-based studies published in a prestigious medical journal.

NasoNeb-delivered budesonide, (Pulmicort Respules® 0.25 mg/2ml), demonstrated statistically-significant objective and subjective outcomes in a peer-reviewed clinical study. 9

In a single center, retrospective, 4-year analysis of 64 patients who had undergone nasal polypectomy, NasoNeb-delivered corticosteroids demonstrated an 80% reduction in the need for revision polyp surgery and a 12.5% risk reduction in the need for revision surgery in the NasoNeb group compared to the non-NasoNeb group. 23

The NasoNeb® Nasal Nebulizer delivers a deep, penetrating aerosol to the nasal and paranasal sinus cavities that is comfortable to use and offers fast delivery times, with safety advantages over irrigation and small particle nebulizers.

The patented NasoNeb System features a unique combination of particle size, airflow, and fluid volume. This results in a controlled therapy delivery only to the nasal and paranasal sinus cavities featuring broad intranasal drug deposition, high intranasal drug retention, virtually no pulmonary deposition and is backed by clinical data.

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Older people who want to maintain their independence and autonomy deserve to live their days in complete safety. With its functions, Helpy Oops is the remote alert device designed for their peace of mind, and that of their loved ones. Its features include:

  • alarm in case of fall: if its special sensors detect a fall, the device sends an automatic emergency alert to a series of preset telephone numbers.
  • GPS locator: you can locate Helpy Oops at any time. Just send an SMS to the device and you will receive a message with a Google Maps link to its exact location.
  • geofencing: with Helpy Oops you can set one or more geographical safety areas. If the end user is out of range, the device detects it and alerts the preset phone numbers.
  • automatic distress call: with Helpy Oops it is easy to send emergency alerts in real time. By pressing a button, the device makes emergency calls to the preset numbers – it will also provide the exact location of the device via SMS.

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livetec is an innovative German manufacturer of a Wireless (cables free) 4 Electrodes Holter, called LIVE ECG. It’s a compact and high wearing confort 3 channels Holter. Small size, 50x50x10mm, weighs only 30 grams. LIVE ECG is available with a single battery of 48 hours or with a 7 days battery. Easy to use: a single patch with 4 Click Electrodes applied on the chest, is coupled with a slight pressure to the device complete with battery. The recorded file is download through a Docking Station to a PC where is read via a dedicated analysis software.

Accumed is the Global livetec partner and Marketing Consultant for LIVE ECG only. Potential Distributors are please to contact:



Firefly is an innovative US manufacturer of Wireless Video Otoscopes and Digital Dermatoscopes.  Firefly enables healthcare professionals to wirelessly observe & record magnified images+videos on their PCs.
Firefly advanced technology boasts wireless convenience, high resolution, crystal clarity, and 15x-50x magnification.

Accumed is the Firefly Partner in Europe facilitating products marketing in the following countries: Europe and Russia. Potential Distributors are please to contact:


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