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What Accumed does for medical start-up enterprises

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 Accumed wants to be a professional and reliable partner in growing businesses and in developing successful organizations for its clients.
In this contest Accumed facilitates:

  • medical start-up companies approaching the global market;
  • small medical firms in their international development;
  • spin-offs in building-up their organization.

Accumed works constantly close to the principals sharing and implementing common strategies, supporting customers in finding the professional human resources supporting the business, offering direct and indirect reliable commercial networks and the management of the same.

Provide clinical support in medical recruitment expertise

Accumed has extensive expertise in specific areas and provides additional qualified services of:

  • Clinical and Product Specialists supporting pre and post products marketing;
  • Clinical trials management;
  • Headhunting – should specific professional skills become necessary to implement the organization;
  • Formative path for managers.

Accumed added value

Our added value is represented by a vast experience in the medical field as well as the ability to create smart customized solutions and technical operating solution, tightly integrated to the company and its home area or settlement. An international network is able to support corporate clients in the processes of growth, development and reorganization.

Our mind set

Accumed ensures that customers’ requests and expectations are always considered in the planning and implementation of projects in order to increase their satisfaction.

It is our belief that customer satisfaction depends not only on the intrinsic technical quality of the service provided, even by a whole set of factors and variables involved in the supply relationship such as respect, professionalism, timeliness, specificity, reliability, transparency and collaboration.